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Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Required qualifications vary from field to field, but the following certifications are required for nearly every oilfield position:
  • Driver's License
  • First Aid
  • H2S Alive

Many employers will provide training to new employees, but if you already have the necessary tickets, companies will save themselves the expense by hiring you.
Obtaining any or all of the above tickets will greatly increase your chances of being hired, especially if you have no oilfield experience.

First aid certification can be obtained from several places, such as the Red Cross organization, or through St. John Ambulance.

An ATV Safety course may also be required if you're working in a field that makes extensive use of off-road vehicles, such as surveying or seismic exploration.

Many of the training courses and certifications that are required for work in this industry are not exclusive to the oil industry. Relevant courses can be taken in nearly any city. Check your local yellow pages for training centers.

Oil Industry Job Descriptions

Drilling Rig Jobs
Land and offshore rig jobs.

Pipeline Jobs
Jobs related to the construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines.

Seismic Jobs
Field jobs relating to seismic exploration and the acquisition of seismic data.

Mapping and Survey Jobs
Jobs relating to the placement of oilfield facilities and pipelines. Also includes land acquisition and permitting jobs.

Transport Jobs
All oilfield transportation related jobs - including transportation of oil and gas, oilfield equipment and materials, and personnel.

Looking for a career in the oil industry?
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