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Oil and Gas Company Directory

The Oilfield Workers Registry is strictly for companies operating primarily in the oil and gas industry, and for job seekers interested in oilfield positions including:

Rig Hands
Well Testers
Land & Offshore Drillers
Accountants & Bookkeepers
Hotshot Drivers
Heavy Equipment Operators
Wireline Operators
Battery Operators
Seismic Drillers
Pipe Locators
Land Agents
Managers & Supervisors
Computer Programmers & Technicians
Entry Level-Helpers
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Tired of sifting through piles of outdated resumés to find a new employee?
Paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars for classified advertising, online job postings, and online resumés?
Every employer knows that the hardest part of running a successful business is finding and keeping quality employees.

To help you in your ongoing search for employees, the Oilfield Workers Registry offers the following free services to employers in the oil and gas industry:
  • An oilfield specific, searchable resumé database of field and office workers from around the world.
  • Unlimited postings on our oilfield job posting board.
  • International oil and gas company directory

Find qualified, experienced field and office personnel at the touch of a button.
No hoops to jump through - Registration is quick and easy, you can be browsing resumés within a couple of minutes.

Search for employees by username, or based on location, experience, or qualifications.
It's Free, and it will save you time and money in your search for new employees.

  • Strictly for use by oil industry employers and job seekers
  • Find qualified, experienced employees
  • Increase production by reducing training time
  • Save money by reducing training expenses
  • Never again send out an under-staffed crew
  • No more expensive Help Wanted ads in newspapers
  • No more $1000 internet job postings
  • On a deadline? Find temporary employees locally to help you finish the job.
  • We make the last minute scramble for workers easy!
  • Can't find the employee you're looking for?
    Post your job opening on our FREE job posting board. Post as many jobs as you need to, as often as you need to. Our oilfield job board is completely automated so your job is posted immediately, and can be edited at any time.
  • Contact info is available with every resumé so you can contact potential new employees directly -- There's no need to contact us, and there's no limit to the number of resumés that you can browse.
  • Oilfield job postings are immediately added to the job board -- No waiting period. Post as many jobs as you need to, and edit or delete them at any time.
  • Did we mention that it's FREE?!?! Some other job sites charge as much as $1000 per month to browse resumés, and even more if you want to post jobs as well. The Oilfield Workers Registry is a tough deal to beat!

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Sunday October 24, 2021
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