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Questions? Comments? Concerns?

We welcome your questions, suggestions, comments, and even complaints!

Sorry, but we cannot accept resumés by email, fax, or mail - These will be deleted without review.
All resumés must be entered into the fields provided in the online resumé form.

Please check our FAQ first to see if your question has already been answered.
Questions that have been answered in the FAQ will be ignored. Sorry, but this is a free service,
and we don't have time to answer the same questions every day.
Comments such as I need a job or Where do I send my resume? will also be ignored.

If you can't login, refer to the FAQ before you contact us.
Please do not email us requesting a job.
We do not hire oilfield workers, nor do we place people in oilfield positions.
It is up to you to post a resumé which appeals to employers, and to keep your resumé current.
It's up to employers to decide who they want to hire, and to contact them.

Please be sure to enter an email address if you'd like a response.

Please send a  detailed  message!

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