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Chemical Suppliers

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     pr. Dzerzhinskogo, 73
     Minsk , Belarus
     Primary Phone Number: +(375 17) 271-79-01
  Russia Office
     ul Tverskaya, 20/1, room 536
     Moscow , Russia
     Primary Phone Number: +(7 095) 209-57-54
  Ukraine Office
     ul Pavlovskaya, 29
     Kiev , Ukraine
  Germany Office
     Oederweg 43
     Franfurt am Main , Germany
     Primary Phone Number: +49 6959799986
Main Website: http://www.belneftekhim.by
Belneftekhim includes over 50 companies and organizations with total personnel of 120,000 employees.

Catalyst Services
  Head Office
     4100, Petro-Canada Centre,150 - 6th Avenue S.W.
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (403) 253-3233
Main Website: http://www.catalystservices.com
Catalyst Services, a subsidiary of CEDA International Corporation, provides a variety of catalyst handling services to the oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing sector.

Main Website: http://www.cognis.com
Environmentally compatible drilling muds based on renewable natural resources.

  Main Office
     Nova Ves 57, 10000
     Zagreb , Croatia
     Primary Phone Number: 01-466 73 83
Main Website: http://www.cortecros.hr
Corrosion control and various other chemical products.

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