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    Abraxas Petroleum Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.abraxaspetroleum.com

    Amerada Hess Corporation
      Corporate Headquarters
         1185 Avenue of the Americas
         New York New York, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 212-997-8500
      Exploration & Production
         One Allen Center, 500 Dallas Street
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (713) 609-5000
      Refining & Marketing
         One Hess Plaza
         Woodbridge New Jersey, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (732) 750-6000
    Main Website: http://www.hess.com
    Amerada Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company, engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, as well as in refining and in marketing refined petroleum products, natural gas, and electricity.

    Apache Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.apachecorp.com

    Aruba Petroleum Inc.
      Head Office
         700 E Park Blvd. Suite 102
         Plano Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 972-312-9366
      Field Office
         Decatur Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 940-466-9438
    Main Website: http://www.arubapetroleum.com

    Bow Valley Energy
    Main Website: http://www.bvenergy.com

    Brigham Exploration Company
         6300 Bridge Point Parkway, Building 2 - Suite 500
         Austin Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 512-427-3300
    Main Website: http://www.bexp3d.com

    British Gas
    Main Website: http://www.bg-group.com

    Burlington Resources
    Main Website: http://www.br-inc.com
    One of the world's largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies.

    Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
      Head Office
         840 Gessner Road, Suite 1400
         Houston  Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 281-589-4600
    Main Website: http://www.cabotog.com
    Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation is an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development, exploitation and exploration of oil and gas properties exclusively in the continental United States.

    Canadian Natural Resources Limited
    Main Website: http://www.cnrl.com

    CanBaikal Resources
    Main Website: http://www.canbaikal.com

    Cavell Energy Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.cavell.com

    Champ Oil Company, Inc.
    Main Website: http://champoil.com

         6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd
         San Ramon California, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 925-842-1000
    Main Website: http://www.chevron.com

    Chevron Canada Resources
         6001 Bollinger Canyon Rd.
         San Ramon California, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 925-842-1000
    Main Website: http://www.chevron.com

    China National Offshore Oil Corp.
    Main Website: http://www.cnooc.com.cn/defaulten.asp
    China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) is a state-owned offshore drilling company.

    Circumpacific Energy Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.circumpacific.com

         600 North Dairy Ashford
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 281-293-1000
    Main Website: http://www.conocophillips.com
    ConocoPhillips has the eighth largest total of proved reserves and is the fifth largest refiner in the world.

    CPC Corporation
      Head Office
         No.3, Songren Rd., Sinyi District
         Taipei City , Taiwan
         Primary Phone Number: 886-2-8789-8989
      Lubricants Business Division
         6F, No.15 Cheng Kung 2nd Road
         Kaohsiung , Taiwan
         Primary Phone Number: 886-7-5361510
      Solvent & Chemical Business Division
         No.6 Shingye E. Road
         Chia-Yi City , Taiwan
         Primary Phone Number: 886-5-2224171
      Petrochemical Business Division
         No.3 Shih-Wha 2nd. Road, Lin Yuan District
         Kaohsiung City , Taiwan
         Primary Phone Number: 886-7-6413701
      Refining Business Division
         No.2, TSO-nan Rd., Nan-tzu Dist
         Kaohsiung , Taiwan
         Primary Phone Number: 886-7-5824141
    Main Website: http://en.cpc.com.tw/
    CPC is Taiwan’s state-owned oil and gas company.

      Main Office
         Main Building Cr 13 No. 36 - 24
         Bogotá D.C. , Colombia
         Primary Phone Number: (571) 234 4000
    Main Website: http://www.ecopetrol.com.co

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