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Well Testing & Servicing

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    Accell Well Service
      Sedgewick Headquarters
         Sedgewick Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 780-384-3777
      Calgary Sales Office
         Suite 300, 840 - 6 Avenue SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-266-4225
    Main Website: http://www.accellwellservice.com
    Accell currently operates fifteen service rigs in Alberta.

    Baker Atlas
    A subsidiary of Baker Hughes
    Main Website: http://www.bakerhughes.com/bakeratlas

    Baker Hughes
      Corporate Headquarters
         3900 Essex Lane, Suite 1200
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 713-439-8600
    Main Website: http://www.bakerhughes.com
    Baker Hughes is focused on providing drilling, formation evaluation and production technology used within oil and gas wells.
    Baker Atlas
    Baker Petrolite
    Baker Oil Tools
    Hughes Christensen
    Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids

    Blackbird Well Servicing
      Main Office
         210, 700 - 6 Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-263-4441
    Main Website: http://www.blackbirdwell.com

    Canadian Sub-Surface
      Head Office
         Suite 600, 505 – 8th Avenue SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 262-3247
    Main Website: http://www.cansub.com

    Concord Well Servicing
      Head Office
         Valleyview Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 780.524.2113
      Acheson Office
          #11, 53016 Hwy 60
         Acheson Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 780.962.4334
      Blackfalds Office
         27123 - 13 Hwy 597
         Blackfalds Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403.885.0075
       Grande Prairie Office
         #101, 10320 - 140th Avenue
          Grande Prairie Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 780.814.7027
      Calgary Office
         2400, 530 - 8th Ave S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403.294.1950
    Main Website: http://www.concordwell.com/
    Concord operates 53 service rigs from 6 offices in Alberta, northeastern British Columbia, and the Northwest Territories.

    Ensign Resource Service Group
         900-400 5 Ave SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403-262-1361
    Main Website: http://www.ensigngroup.com
    Canada’s second largest land-based drilling contractor and third largest well servicing contractor. Operations in Canada and the US.
    Caza Drilling
    Enhanced Drill Systems
    Chandel Equipment Rentals
    Ensign Drilling
    Oil Drilling & Exploration
    Opsco Energy Industries

         Houston Texas, USA
    Main Website: http://www.halliburton.com
    One of the world's largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industries.
    Westport Technology Center International

    Heat Seekers
      Bonnyville Office
         Bonnyville Alberta, Canada
    Main Website: http://www.telusplanet.net/public/heatseek

    High Arctic Well Control
    Main Website: http://www.higharcticwellcontrol.com
    Stand-Alone Snubbing Snub Fracing Rig Assist Snubbing Underbalanced Drilling Training Hot Tap Operation Freeze Procedure Well Optimization

    Hurricane Services Inc.
      Main Office
         250 North Water, Suite 200
         Wichita Kansas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (855)718-8027
      Madison Service Camp
         3613A Y Rd
         Madison Kansas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (620)437-2661
      Garnett Service Camp
         104 Prairie Plaza Parkway
         Garnett Kansas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (855)718-8027
    Main Website: http://hurricanesi.com/
    Hurricane Services is an oil field service company headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, providing cementing, acidizing, fracturing and well servicing to the mid-continent region.

    Nabors Canada LP
    A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
      Head Office
         Suite 3000, 500 – 4th Avenue S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 263-6777
      Operations Office
         902 - 20th Avenue
         Nisku Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780) 955-2381
      Production Services Head Office
         8112 Edgar Industrial Drive
         Red Deer Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 347-3737
      Nabors Drilling - Leduc
         7009 - 45th Street
         Leduc Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (780) 986-0036
      Nabors Swabtech
         Bay 5 & 6, 7421 Edgar Industrial Drive
         Red Deer Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 347-2707
    Main Website: http://www.nabors.com/canada
    Drilling and production services in Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon Territories.

    Nabors Industries
         2nd Floor International Trading Centre
         St. Michael , Barbados
         Primary Phone Number: 246-421-9471
    Main Website: http://www.nabors.com
    The Nabors companies own and operate almost 600 land drilling and 970 land workover and well-servicing rigs worldwide. Offshore, Nabors operates 44 platforms, 17 jack-ups, and three barge rigs.
    Nabors Alaska Drilling
    Nabors Canada LP
    Nabors Drilling International
    Nabors Offshore Corporation
    Nabors Drilling USA, LP
    Pool Wellservices
    Epoch Well Services
    Canrig Drilling Technology
    Peak USA Energy Services
    Sea Mar
    Ryan Energy Technologies

    Nabors Offshore Corporation
    A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
      Houston Office
         515 W. Greens Road, Suite 500
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (281) 874-0406
      Harvey Office
         3640 Peters Road
         Harvey Louisiana, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (504) 362-8033
      Inland Services Division & Pressurized Services Division
         70361 410 Palm Ave
         Houma Louisiana, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (985) 868-1874
    Main Website: http://www.nabors.com/offshore

    Oil Drilling & Exploration
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Corporate Office
          Level 1, 5 Elizabeth Street
         Sydney , Australia
         Primary Phone Number: 61 2 9223 3755
      Operations Head Office
          15 - 17 Westport Road, Elizabeth West
         Adelaide , Australia
         Primary Phone Number: 61 8 8255 3011
    Main Website: http://www.ode.com.au
    ODE is Ensign's International Division, and maintains operations in Australia, South America, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and New Zealand.

    Opsco Energy Industries
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Head Office
         285175 Kleysen Way RR #5
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 272-2206
      Sales Office
         860, 400 - 5th Ave S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 263-7995
    Main Website: http://www.opscoenergy.com
    Provider of slickline, braided line and production testing services in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

    Pool Wellservices
    A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
      Corporate Headquarters
         515 W. Greens Rd, Suite 1000
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (281) 874-0035
      Rocky Mountain District - Administrative Office
         135 Sims, Suite 214
         Dickinson North Dakota, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (701) 483-6051
      California Operations- Administrative Office
         7515 Rosedale Highway
         Bakersfield California, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (661) 589-3970
      Western District - Administrative Office
         24 Smith Road, Suite 600
         Midland Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (432) 683-5000
      South Texas District Office
         7545 Leopard
         Corpus Christi Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (361) 289-1607
    Main Website: http://www.nabors.com/pool
    Pool provides a broad range of well site services in the western United States.

    Precision Drilling
      Corporate and Canadian Headquarters
         4200, 150-6th Avenue S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403.716.4500
      U.S. Sales and Operations
         Suite 1700 - 363 North Sam Houston Parkway East
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 281.260.5600
      Middle East
         Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
         Primary Phone Number: 971.2.674.7333
      Latin America
         Caracas , Venezuela
         Primary Phone Number: 58.212.959.6211
         Jakarta , Indonesia
         Primary Phone Number: 62.21.7854.6300
    Main Website: http://www.precisiondrilling.com
    Canada's largest drilling contractor with a well maintained fleet of 15 singles, 95 doubles, 48 light triples, 39 heavy triples, 10 coiled tubing rigs, and two surface hole rigs.
    Reppsco Services
    Precision Energy Services
    CEDA International Corporation

    Precision Energy Services
    A subsidiary of Precision Drilling
      Canada Office
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 403.716.4500
      United States Office
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 281.260.5600
      Latin America Office
         Caracas , Venezuela
         Primary Phone Number: 58.212.959.6211
      Middle East Office
         Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates
         Primary Phone Number: 971.2.674.7333
      Asia Office
         Jakarta , Indonesia
         Primary Phone Number: 62.21.515.3383
    Main Website: http://www.precision-es.com
    Drilling, evaluation, production, geophysical and data services.

    READ Group
      Main Office
         Ravnsborgveien 56, Hvalstad
         Oslo , Norway
         Primary Phone Number: 47-66 85 18 00
      READ Process Engineering A.S.
         Ravnsborgveien 56, 1378 Nesbru
         Oslo , Norway
         Primary Phone Number: 47-66 85 18 00
      READ Well Services - Bergen
         Kokstaddalen 4
         Bergen , Norway
         Primary Phone Number: 47- 55 22 21 00
      READ Well Services - Aberdeen
         Viking House, 1 Claymore Avenue, Offshore Technology Park
         Aberdeen , United Kingdom
         Primary Phone Number: 44-1224 33 66 00
      READ Well Services U.S.
         16223 Park Row, Suite 190
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 281-578-1231
    Main Website: http://www.readgroup.com
    Offshore reservoir monitoring, well instrumentation, and process technology.

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