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    Canadian Petroleum Products Institute
    Main Website: http://www.cppi.ca

    Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists
    Main Website: http://www.cseg.ca

    Canadian Sub-Surface
      Head Office
         Suite 600, 505 8th Avenue SW
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 262-3247
    Main Website: http://www.cansub.com

    Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS)
    Main Website: http://www.cwls.org

    CanBaikal Resources
    Main Website: http://www.canbaikal.com

    Canrig Drilling Technology
    A subsidiary of Nabors Industries
      Main Office
         14703 FM 1488
         Magnolia Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (281) 259-8887
    Main Website: http://www.canrig.com
    Suppliers of top drive drilling systems.

    Capstone Engineering Services
    Main Website: http://www.cap-eng.com

    Castle Oil
    Main Website: http://www.castleoil.com

    Catalyst Services
      Head Office
         4100, Petro-Canada Centre,150 - 6th Avenue S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 253-3233
    Main Website: http://www.catalystservices.com
    Catalyst Services, a subsidiary of CEDA International Corporation, provides a variety of catalyst handling services to the oil refining and petrochemical manufacturing sector.

    Main Website: http://www.catsi.com

    Cavell Energy Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.cavell.com

    Caza Drilling
    A subsidiary of Ensign Resource Service Group
      Caza Drilling Rocky Mountain
         Suite 360, 1801 Broadway
         Denver Colorado, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 303-292-1206
      Caza Drilling - California
         7001 Charity Avenue
         Bakersfield California, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 661-589-0111
    Main Website: http://www.cazadrilling.com
    Ensign's US based drilling division.

    CBG Corporation
      Main Office
         4616 West Howard Lane, Suite 900
         Austin Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 512-491-7541
    Main Website: http://cbgcorp.com
    CBG Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company focused on the changing needs of the Petroleum Exploration and Production industries. Since 1992, CBG has been supplying the industry with state-of-the-art logging tools and sensors for Production Logging, Open-Hole Logging, Directional Drilling and MWD.

    CDS Engineering
    A subsidiary of Fmc Technologies Inc.
    Main Website: http://www.cds-separation.com

    CEDA International Corporation
    A subsidiary of Precision Drilling
      Head Office
         4100, Petro-Canada Centre, 150 - 6th Avenue S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 253-3233
    Main Website: http://www.cedagroup.com

    Centerpoint Energy
    Main Website: http://www.centerpointenergy.com

    A subsidiary of Baker Hughes
      Corporate Offices
         200 W. Stuart Roosa Dr.
         Claremore Oklahoma, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 918-341-9600
    Main Website: http://www.bakerhughes.com/centrilift
    Centrilift provides a broad variety of pumping systems and related components to its globally based customers.

    Ch2m Hill
    Main Website: http://www.ch2mhill.com

    Challenger International, Inc
      Head Office
         12811 FM 529
         Houston Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 1.713.896.4397
    Main Website: http://challengerintl.com

    Champ Oil Company, Inc.
    Main Website: http://champoil.com

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