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    American Association of Drilling Engineers
      AADE - National
         2301 Belmont Place
         Metairie Louisiana, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 504/525-2487
    Main Website: http://www.aade.org

    American Association Of Petroleum Geologists
    Main Website: http://www.aapg.org

    American Association Of Professional
    Main Website: http://www.landman.org

    American Association Of Wellhead Equipment Manufacturers
    Main Website: http://www.awhem.org

    American Chemistry Council
    Main Website: http://www.americanchemistry.com

    American Colloid Company
    Main Website: http://www.colloid.com

    American Congress on Surveying and Mapping - ACSM
    Main Website: http://www.acsm.net

    American Gas Association
         400 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 450
         Washington District of Columbia, USA
         Primary Phone Number: (202) 824-7000
    Main Website: http://www.aga.org
    American Gas Association (AGA) represents more than 200 local energy companies that deliver clean natural gas throughout the United States.

    American Highway Users Alliance
    Main Website: http://www.highways.org

    American Institute Of Chemical Engineers
    Main Website: http://www.aiche.org

    American Marine Services
    Main Website: http://www.amsghq.com

    American National Standards Institute
    Main Website: http://www.ansi.org

    American Oil & Gas Historical Society
    Main Website: http://www.aoghs.org

    American Petroleum Institute
    A subsidiary of Horizon Offshore
      Head Office
         1220 L Street, NW
         Washington DC District of Columbia, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 202 682-8000
    Main Website: http://www.api.org/
    The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the only national trade association that represents all aspects of America’s oil and natural gas industry.

    American Society Of Mechanical Engineers
    Main Website: http://www.asme.org

    Ameridrives International
    Main Website: http://www.ameridrives.com

    Amspec Services Llc
    Main Website: http://www.amspecllc.com

    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.anadarko.com

    Anchor Industries
      Cape Town
         20 Old Mill Road, Ndabeni
         Cape Town , South Africa
         Primary Phone Number: +27 21 531-0525
         7 Martin Crescent, Greenhills Industrial Park
         Johannesburg , South Africa
         Primary Phone Number: +27 11 822-1214
         Durban , South Africa
         Primary Phone Number: +27 31 466-3255
    Main Website: http://www.anchors.co.za

    Anvil International
    Main Website: http://www.anvilintl.com

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