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  Main Office
     Loodstraat 57
     Zoetermeer , Netherlands
     Primary Phone Number: +31 79 361 35 33
Main Website: http://www.smitsvonk.com
Flare systems and electrical ignition systems.

Snyder Ventures of Louisiana
  Main Office
     4501 Zenith Street
     Metairie Louisiana, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 1-800-711-1632
Main Website: http://snyderventures.com
Compressor parts and service

Society Of Independent Gasoline Marketers
Main Website: http://www.sigma.org" target="oil_window" class="basiclink

Society Of Independent Gasoline Marketers
Main Website: http://www.sigma.org

Society of Maritme Industries
  Main Office
     4th Floor, 30 Great Guildford Street
     London , United Kingdom
     Primary Phone Number: 44 (0)20 7928 9199
Main Website: http://www.maritimeindustries.org
Society of five constituent associations, to promote and support UK businesses operating in maritime industries.

Society Of Petroleum Engineers
Main Website: http://www.spe.org

Society Of Professional Women In Petroleum
Main Website: http://www.spwp.org

Solid State Geophysical
A subsidiary of Grant Geophysical
  Main Office
     7309 Flint Rd. SE
     Calgary Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: 403-255-9388

South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)
Main Website: http://mbendi.co.za/sapia/

Sovereign Oil and Gas
  Head Office
     3555 Timmons Lane, Suite 1500
     Houston Texas, USA
     Primary Phone Number: 713.961.0096
Main Website: http://www.sovereignoil.com

Main Website: http://www.spl-inc.com

Spx Valves & Controls
Main Website: http://www.spx.com

Standard Safety
  Head Office
     3120 93 St.
     Edmonton Alberta, Canada
     Primary Phone Number: (780) 463-9077
Main Website: http://www.ssafety.com

Main Website: http://www.startec.ab.ca

Main Website: http://www.statoil.com

Staunton Chow P.c.
Main Website: http://www.stauntonchow.com

Staveley Services North America
Main Website: http://www.staveleyna.com

Steel Tank Institute
Main Website: http://www.steeltank.com

Stena Drilling
Main Website: http://www.stena-drilling.com

Stewart & Stevenson
Main Website: http://www.ssss.com

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