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Oil and Gas Company Directory

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    Anvil International
    Main Website: http://www.anvilintl.com

    Apache Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.apachecorp.com

    Api - Delta Chapter (louisiana)
    Main Website: http://www.api-delta.org

    Api - Houston Chapter
    Main Website: http://www.api-houston.org

    Aptech Engineering Services
    Main Website: http://www.aptecheng.com

    Main Website: http://www.aram.com

    Main Website: http://www.aramco.com

      Main Office
         2600, 111-5th Avenue S.W.
         Calgary Alberta, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (403) 781-1700
    Main Website: http://www.arcis.com
    Seismic data processing, participation surveys, geotechnical services, data marketing, data management

    Arco (atlantic Richfield Company)
    Main Website: http://www.arco.com

    Arctic Power - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (anwr)
    Main Website: http://www.anwr.org

    Ariel Corporation
    Main Website: http://www.arielcorp.com

    Arseal Technologies Llc
    Main Website: http://www.arseal.com

    Aruba Petroleum Inc.
      Head Office
         700 E Park Blvd. Suite 102
         Plano Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 972-312-9366
      Field Office
         Decatur Texas, USA
         Primary Phone Number: 940-466-9438
    Main Website: http://www.arubapetroleum.com

    Main Website: http://www.ashland.com
    a transportation construction, chemical, and petroleum company providing innovative products, services and solutions

    Asphalt Institute
    Main Website: http://www.asphaltinstitute.org

    Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors
      Main Office
         #306 - 895 Fort Street
         Victoria British Columbia, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (250) 382-4323
    Main Website: http://www.bclandsurveyors.bc.ca

    Association of Canada Lands Surveyors
      Main Office
         1390 Prince of Wales Dr. #400
         Ottawa Ontario, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 613-723-9200
    Main Website: http://www.acls-aatc.ca

    Association Of Desk And Derrick Clubs
    Main Website: http://www.addc.org

    Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors
      Main Office
         Room 202 - 83 Garry Street
         Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: 204 943-6972
    Main Website: http://www.amls.ca
    Buying property, subdividing or selling property, improving or developing property, precise measurements.

    Association of New Brunswick Land Surveyors
      Main Office
          Suite 408 ,212 Queen St.
         Fredericton New Brunswick, Canada
         Primary Phone Number: (506) 458-8266
    Main Website: http://www.anbls.nb.ca

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