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The Oilfield Workers Registry is strictly for companies operating primarily in the oil and gas industry, and for job seekers interested in oilfield positions including:

Rig Hands
Well Testers
Land & Offshore Drillers
Accountants & Bookkeepers
Hotshot Drivers
Heavy Equipment Operators
Wireline Operators
Battery Operators
Seismic Drillers
Pipe Locators
Land Agents
Managers & Supervisors
Computer Programmers & Technicians
Entry Level-Helpers
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Welcome to the Oilfield Workers Registry!
There is a desperate need for laborers and trades workers in the oil industry. Companies everywhere are scrambling to find and keep willing field workers.
There are thousands of high paying oilfield jobs available around the world to people who are willing to work hard, work long hours, and work away from home.

Whether you have years of experience or none at all, it's easy to make big money in the oilfield. Even entry level field positions typically pay $150 - $250 per day! And they aren't hard to come by... every year there are hundreds of new projects that require thousands of workers. Anyone that says that they can't find a job either isn't looking in the right place, or they aren't willing to do the jobs that are available. Oilfield work isn't glamorous. It won't make you famous. It isn't easy work either, especially in entry level positions. But it pays very well, and offers you regular vacations that just aren't available with other jobs.

If you're willing to work long hours, 7 days a week at one of the highest paying jobs around, then start your job search by signing up now.

  • Find high paying gas and oil jobs with or without experience
  • Travel the world, and get paid to do it
  • Work your way to the top without formal education
  • Paid accommodation and meals
  • Most work is three weeks on, one week off
  • Quickly work your way from a big paying job to a huge paying job!
  • A hard working helper can be running their own crew in as little as a few months.
  • Once you're running your own crew, many companies will pay you generously to use your own truck, quad, and other equipment at work.
  • Take a vacation when you want to, come back when you want to.
  • Check out the free oilfield job board here

While field work in the oil industry can be both profitable and fun, there is one major downfall that most people neglect to tell you about...
Anyone that's worked in oilfield labor positions knows how unstable the work can be.
Sometimes you'll work for a month and get a week off...
sometimes you'll work for a week and get a month off.
Some of the work is more reliable, but in most regions, nearly all field operations are largely seasonal. The winter is by far the busiest season for oilfield activity in the north, while it's the dry season that's busy in warmer parts of the world.

The Oilfield Workers Registry allows you to make the kind of money that you expect from the oilfield. Sign up for free and post your current resumé in front of thousands of oilfield employers world wide. If you run out of work with one company, you can simply login to your account to move your resumé to the top of the search results whenever you want more work. Go where the work is. Multiply your income by doing work year round for the highest bidder; or use the registry to find a high paying job that suits your interests, and enjoy the time off that comes with a job in the oil industry.

Now you can make your resumé available to thousands of employers throughout the world. Quickly and easily edit your resumé at any time; always have your current resumé available to employers.
Also get access to our growing directory of oilfield employers.

Visit our FAQ page for more information, or click here to sign up now!

The Oilfield Workers Registry is completely free for oilfield workers and employers.

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Friday June 18, 2021
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