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How it Works

The Oilfield Workers Registry allows you to post your current resumé in front of thousands of oilfield companies world wide; while offering oilfield companies a selection of field and office personnel at the touch of a button.
Our online resumé database is fully tailored to the gas and oil industry and is searchable by a variety of criteria.

  • Field and office workers sign up and enter their resumés into the fields provided in the online resumé form.
    Membership is completely free.
    Please do not send your resumé by email
  • Once submitted, resumés are immediately added to the database and are available for viewing by oilfield companies throughout the world.
  • Registration is also completely free for oilfield companies. Once registered, you'll have full access to the searchable resumé database. Search for personnel by location, experience, qualifications, or by username.
  • Can't find the person you need in our database?
    Oilfield companies also have free unlimited access to our oilfield job board.
  • Search results are presented as a list of names and phone numbers, with links to send email or view the entire resumé of any member. The most recently accessed accounts are listed first.
  • Companies can contact workers directly - There is no need to contact the Oilfield Workers Registry if you find someone you'd like to hire.
  • We are not an employment agency - We have no control or influence over the hiring process.
  • Job seekers can view or edit their resumés at any time by following the links from the members page.
  • Oilfield companies can post their company listing for free in our International Oil and Gas Company Directory
  • Our Free Job Posting Board is available to oilfield companies and workers world wide.

      Click Here to Post a Job
      Click Here to View Jobs
  • Job Postings stay active for 60 days
  • Post as many jobs as necessary
  • Update job expiry date at any time to extend the life of a posting
  • Edit or remove job postings at any time

What the Oilfield Workers Registry is:
  • A free employment and recruiting portal for the oil industry
  • A convenient place for oilfield employers to find new employees at the touch of a button
  • A place to keep your current resumé posted online where oilfield companies can access it
  • An international directory of oil and gas companies, including web addresses, phone numbers, email, and employment information(where available)
  • An oilfield-specific job posting board

What the Oilfield Workers Registry is NOT:
  • A job placement service
  • An employment or staffing agency
    • We do not place people in jobs or hire on behalf of oilfield companies.
  • A direct-hire company
    • We are not an oilfield service company, and we do not hire oilfield workers.
  • A Resumé spammer
    • We do not send your resumé to thousands of oilfield companies.

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Tips On Avoiding Scams

  • Sites that promise to send your resumé to hundreds or thousands of employers are typically regarded as spammers by the companies that receive them. Your resumé arrives in their mailbox with hundreds of others, and they are usually all deleted without review.
  • Sites that submit your resumé to thousands of employers usually guarantee that if you don't get a job, they'll send your resumé again. Again, oilfield companies usually delete resumés from job sites without review... if they didn't read it the first time, why would they read it the second time?
  • Watch out for Application Deadlines. Some sites are using application deadline banners with dynamic dates which change every day -- The application deadline will always be tomorrow.
    Think about it... these sites exist to make money by charging you to submit your resumé. Are they really going to stop accepting resumés tomorrow and go out of business? And if they really are going out of business tomorrow, do you really want to give them your money before they do?

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