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New To The Oil Patch?

Here are a couple of articles to help you get your first field job in the oil industry.
These articles relate to land based field jobs in the oil industry. Much of this also applies to offshore drilling, indoor, lab, office, and facility related jobs, but for the most part they are not addressed specifically. For most of these articles, the word 'industry' is used to describe the oil industry as a whole. The word 'field' is used to describe a sector of the oil industry that involves on-site labor at varying locations, such as well drilling or seismic exploration.
Introduction to the Oil Patch
If you haven't been involved in the oil patch before, you probably have no idea how vast it is...

Crash Course in Oil Production
From the time that a decision is made to begin field work on a land based project, there are four major industry sectors that are involved before the oil hits the refinery...

How to Get an Oilfield Job
Getting a job in the oil industry is like getting a job anywhere else... If you want a good job, you can't sit around waiting for it to fall into your lap...

Job Search and Interview Tips
You need to make a full time job out of job hunting if you want to be successful...

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