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Careers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Jobs

Pipeline Construction Positions

Pipeline construction companies connect and bury pipe of various types and sizes. Pipelines are used to safely collect and transport all types of petroleum products.

Construction Manager
  • the pipeline company's field representative
  • responsible for overseeing all aspects of the construction project
  • responsible for all supervisors, employees, and contract workers
  • ensures that jobs are completed in a timely and cost efficient manner
  • reports to head office and to the oil company
  • pay varies with experience and qualifications

Construction Foreman
  • responsible for hiring and training staff
  • responsible for crew scheduling
  • coordinates with the assistant foreman and lead hands to avoid scheduling conflicts and keep crews running efficiently
  • oversees all personnel on the project, including all construction crews
  • ensures that all staff are properly trained in emergency procedures
  • ensures that all staff properly use personal protective equipment
  • reports to the construction manager
  • pay varies with experience

Assistant Foreman
  • assists the foreman as necessary
  • pay varies with experience

Lead Hand
  • responsible for the activities and scheduling of a construction crew
  • ensures that the crew operates safely and efficiently
  • coordinates with the foreman or assistant foreman

  • welds segments of pipe together

  • works with hoist operator to align pipe segments
  • guides pipe into the trench
  • inserts spacers between pipe segments
  • inspects pipe joints to ensure proper alignment
  • may apply glue to non-metal pipes

Pipeliner Entry level labor position
  • maintains pipelines and in-line facilities
  • places pipe supports and pipe along the pipeline route prior to construction
  • picks up pipe supports and any garbage along pipeline route once construction is finished
  • removes and replaces obstacles such as fences and water lines
  • may operate heavy machinery such as trenchers, hoes, and bulldozers
  • uses a chainsaw, axe, or other tool to removes trees and brush from the pipeline right-of-way
  • uses hand tools to dig drainage ditches as required
  • cleans and paints exposed metal as needed to prevent corrosion
  • very physical job
  • transports parts and supplies to the jobsite from a storage site or the nearest town

Crane Operator
  • uses mobile cranes or picker(boom) trucks to transfer equipment and supplies on and off of transport trucks

Heavy Equipment Operator
  • operates heavy equipment including
    • cats / bulldozers
    • track and wheeled hoes
    • bobcats and forklifts
    • front end loaders
    • graders
    • trenchers
    • power shovels
  • used in various areas of pipeline construction
  • responsible for operating equipment in a safe and efficient manner

Heavy Duty Mechanic
  • repairs trucks and large equipment on-site

Swamper Entry level labor position
  • travels with the transport
  • assists the driver as necessary
  • loads and unloads the transport
  • cleans the truck and equipment
  • inspects tie downs and other retaining devices for wear and damage
  • ensures that loads are properly tied down before transport

Small / Specialty Engine Mechanic
  • repairs small engines in specialty equipment

Truck Driver
  • operates various types of transports, including:
    • water trucks
    • fuel trucks
    • gravel trucks
    • string trucks
    • vacuum trucks
    • high boys / low boys
  • truck drivers are required during every stage of the construction project
  • responsible for operating the truck in a safe and efficient manner

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